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RiparCover Dark Circle Concealer

Light Medium
Medium Tan

RiparCover's Dark Circle Concealer is the newest product in our line of high-performance foundations for women of all colors and skin types.

This concealer is best used as a base applied to areas with dark circles under eyes to lighten the color of the circles first before applying foundation.

So for best results, apply concealer first to clean, moisturized skin, allow it to set, and then apply your foundation.

To apply, dab the concealer onto discolorations, dark areas, or skin imperfections with a clean finger, brush, or sponge and gently blend out until there are no apparent lines between the concealer and your skin or foundation.

Available in three colors:

Light Medium for lightest skin tones.
Medium for medium skin tones.
Medium Tan for darker skin tones.