How To Camouflage and cover tattoos

The best way cover tattoos, on a daily basis or for a special occasion, is to use RiparCover Camouflage to achieve a smooth, fresh and natural look.

How to cover varicose veins and spider veins

Cosmetics are not just for the face!
Rosa shows how to cover uneven tone and varicose veins on her legs.

How to Hide a Birthmark or Port Wine Stain

People with birthmarks such as angiomas often feel more confident with really effective, long-lasting camouflage makeup.

How To Cover Vitiligo

Eva applies her RiparCover Camouflage Foundation to cover her vitiligo.

How to cover skin blemishes and even skin tone

Sabrina demonstrates, in a few quick steps, how to cover her uneven skin tone.

How to Camouflage Freckles

RiparCover Camouflage is ideal for covering freckles and achieving a smooth, fresh and natural look.