A perfect balance of research, nutrition and nature to help care for your skin. Spa-quality face and skin treatments develop by the aesthetic, nutritional and surgical experts from one of Italy's leading beauty brands.

RiparCover Foundation and Concealers

Foundation and concealers from two generations of renowned Italian makeup artists and cosmetic surgeons to deliver flawless results and help perfect the unique beauty of women of all skin colors & conditions.

Available in 24 shades to blend naturally with any skin tone, RiparCover Foundation uses a limited number of high-quality ingredients to provide gentle, breathable coverage that lasts.

Combine the foundation with our Color Concealer Cream or Dark Circle Concealer on the face and body to blend vitiligo "dapples," cover stretch marks, birthmarks, tattoos and varicose veins as well as hide port wine stains and pitted acne scars.

Our foundations and concealers are water and transfer-proof so you don't have to worry about streaking or staining. Finish with our Setting Powder and Spray for 16 hour coverage.