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How To Use RiparCover Makeup To Cover Tattoos

While tattoos are beautiful works of self-expression, there may be an occasion when you want to cover up your ink. Perhaps a wedding, a job interview, family photo session or movie audition?

RiparCover Foundation Cream's unique formulation only requires a small amount to provide maximum tattoo coverage that will last on your skin for hours. Available in 24 shades, there is one that will match your skin tone perfectly.

For colored tattoos, first apply the appropriate shade of our Concealer Cream to neutralize the color and prep your skin for a foundation color that matches your skin tone.

When you add our Setting Powder and Setting Spray, you get 16 hours of waterproof tattoo coverage.

Not convinced? Watch Ripar Cosmetics founder Rita Parente walk you through the steps on our model's colorful canvas!