A perfect balance of research, nutrition and nature to help care for your skin. Spa-quality face and skin treatments develop by the aesthetic, nutritional and surgical experts from one of Italy's leading beauty brands.

Rita Parente, Co-Founder

Rita Parente is Italy’s leading pioneer in the field of technical expertise and visionary in product formulation, medical skincare and a co-founder of Ripar Cosmetici.

Ms. Parente has also established the Sempiù-Ripar Aesthetics Centre in Campania, Italy. The Centre is recognized as one of Italy’s premiere aesthetic spas, and is renowned for its advanced skin treatments and revolutionary approach to replenishing the skin.

In 1980, Ms. Parente established the Sempiù School of Professional Training, a state-of-the-art training facility for aesthetic professionals. Approved by the Region of Campania, the Sempiù School has trained more than 7,000professional beauty therapists to date, with graduate numbers increasing each year. Driven by Rita’s passion for training and education, the success of Sempiù Ripar is due to the extensive professional knowledge of its teachers, renowned both in Italy and abroad; its didactic methods that give students a high profile preparation; the strong link between theoretical knowledge and practical skills; and an involving and stimulating work environment that allows students to improve their skills for a successful future work career.

After decades of research into and for high-quality skincare products that met her aesthetic standards, in 1988 Ms. Parente and her husband Dr. Mario Piombino started Ripar Cosmetici.

Ripar Cosmetici is Italy’s foremost authority on advanced beauty solutions that help improve the appearance of the skin with science. Available globally, the brand continues to create technically advanced products that push the boundaries of science and technology while giving consumers a true beauty solution that offers visible skin benefits.