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How To Use RiparCover Makeup To Hide Port Wine Stains and Birthmarks

RiparCover is high-performance foundation for flawlessly concealing birthmarks on the face & body so you can create your ideal look. Ripar Cosmetici's team of makeup color experts and cosmetic surgeons in Italy have spent over 40 years developing some of the best quality foundation products in the world. 

Formulated with clean ingredients for transfer-proof coverage to hide birthmarks, a small amount of foundation cream provides maximum coverage without the weight. Finish the foundation cream application with RiparCover Setting Powder to lock in 16 hours of sweat and water resistant coverage of your birthmark.


Step 1: Apply RiparCover Color Concealer (RCS02-Cream to cover a ruby red birthmark) or RiparCover Foundation Cream (RCB03-Light Beige to cover a purple birthmark) all over the surface of the birthmark.
Step 2: Apply RiparCover Foundation Cream in a shade best suited to your skin tone.
Step 3: Apply RiparCover Setting Powder in a shade best suited to your skin tone and allow to set for five minutes.

Step 4: Remove excess Setting Powder with the RiparCover Powder Finishing Brush.