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Makeup Sponges (Set of Three)

Round sponge.

This is an essential accessory for every makeup artist or beauty lover. Its very low absorbency and optimum size make it very user friendly for any type of makeup. Especially ideal when applying pressed powder for camouflage, theatrical and artistic makeup. The result will be natural-looking. Also very useful for removing makeup and cosmetic masks.

Recommendations for use:
For the Camouflage technique and applying foundation, moisten the sponge with water, then using with the desired amount of product, apply for desired effects. 

Triangular Sponge.

An ideal beauty tool for the professional or any beauty lover. Perfect for effectively creating light or shadow and other small detailing. The optimum size and shape, combined with high quality latex composition, ensures the even application of fluid, cream or pressed foundations.

Recommendations for use:
With the wider end of the sponge, apply foundation evenly over the entire face. With the point of sponge, finish and smooth the eye area. With the short side, create highlighting and shading, applying in either direction.

Round latex sponge.

Our round latex sponge is suitable for applying all types of foundation. It allows you to apply makeup evenly and precisely, without any product buildup and waste.

Recommendations for use:
Using desired amount of product, apply directly on the face, using sponge to adjust the application for more even coverage. Suitable for dry and wet use. Wash sponge, before and after applications, with water and mild soap.